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    تاريخ التسجيل
    Feb 2008
    Saudi Arabia

    Lightbulb طريقة كتابة ( outline ) ..

    السلام عليكم ..

    بداية ً .. احب اشكر جميع القائمين على هذا المنتدى من مشرفين واعضاء على ما يقومون به من مجهودات جبارة في سبيل تعليم اللغة الانجليزية بالطريقة الصحيحة من عدة وسائل واساليب ولعل اهمها الكتاب Express English ..

    موضوعي باختصار هو طلب بسيط بخصوص طريقة كتابة ( outline ) لاي ( paraghragh ) ..

    اتمنى ان اجد ما يسهل علي هذا الشيء ..

    وشاكر لكم ..

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    تاريخ التسجيل
    Feb 2010
    United Kingdom


    Hi Raawi

    Imagine that u are asked to write an essay including five paragraphs, the first paragraph would be an introduction which gives the reader a general idea about yr essay, and at the same time leads to the second paragraph. The three pragrs after the introduction would be the body of yr essay where you support your topic by more details.. facts.. thoughts.. examples.. etc. Finally the fifth paragraph would be the conclusion of yr essay where u can embedded yr own point of view.

    You can consider the following plan as atypical shape for any outline:

    I. Introduction

    (the main idea of the whole essay)

    a) support & explain your topic by some ideas.. facts

    b) some sentence to prepare the reader to the following parag

    II. 2nd Parag

    (the main idea of the parag)





    You will apply the same thing on Parag 3 & 4 as well.. and the letters A,B, and C don't mean the number of the sennces you are gonna write, they just help u to order ur thougts that u will express in certain parag or another.

    III. 3rd Parag.

    IV. 4th parag

    V. The Conclusion:

    a) summarize the whole essay (as if u repeat yr introduction in a different way)

    b) embedded yr point of view.


    In general, there is a rule which says that the conclusion shouldn't include any new idea, it's just a general summary of yr essay.. & it's not necessary to add yr opinion; and that depend on which type of essay you are asked to write.

    Hope that was clear & useful for u..



    Good Luck






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