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    Section 1: Choose the best answer from the choices provided. (Questions 1-5)

    1. __________ time should we leave for the airport? Let’s leave at 9 a.m.
    a) At what

    2. We shouldn’t __________ too close to the edge of the cliff or we may fall.
    d) walk

    3. I would like __________ apple, please.

    b) an

    4. The new restaurant will open __________ October.
    a) in

    5. __________ you still enjoy baking?

    c) Do

    Section 2: Determine whether the sentences are correct or incorrect. (Questions 6-10)

    6. We have went to that restaurant before.
    a) Correct
    b) Incorrect

    7. That blue house has been for sale since three months.
    a) Correct

    8. Those photographs that you took are stunning.
    a) Correct

    9. How much times do I have to explain this to you?
    a) Correct

    10. Steve speaks French very well.
    a) Correct

    Section 3: Choose the correct option to fill in each blank within the passage.

    Proper nutrition and __________ [11. (a) exercises; (b) exercising; (c) exercise] are crucial to good health. Doctors agree __________ [12. (a) that; (b) the; (c) those] most people do not get enough exercise, and this factor is contributing to many health problems and complications. A way to prevent having all the problems associated with lack of exercise __________ [13. (a) was; (b) is; (c) be] to ensure you are getting at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise each day. Secondly, eating a balanced diet will help __________ [14. (a) keeping; (b) to keep; (c) will keep] you healthy and fit. By exercising and eating right, you will be on __________ [15. (a) a; (b) an; (c) the] right track to a lifetime of health and wellness.

    Section 4: A statement is given. Rewrite the words to create an appropriate question based on the statement. (Questions 16-20)

    16. Bill needs to leave for the train station no later than 3 p.m.

    d) When is the time Bill should leave at the latest?

    17. Yes, you can go, too.

    d) Can I come, too?

    18. One barn is red and one is brown.

    b) What colors are the barns?

    19. How does she work out?

    b) She works out good.

    20. How do Tina and Jeff like their new house?
    c) Tina and Jeff like their new house.

    Section 5: Change each sentence from a negative statement to a positive statement. (Questions 21-25).

    21. Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day.

    b) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    22. I haven’t got the time to rewrite this paper.

    a) I have got the time to rewrite this paper.

    23. The soup won’t be done in time for dinner.

    a) The soup will be done in time for dinner.

    24. I can’t get a dentist appointment until next week.

    b) I can get a dentist appointment next week.

    25. Josh and Sara were not coming for the reunion.

    c) Josh and Sara were coming for the reunion.

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    شكر لمن أجاب على اسئلة الشهر وآسفون على التأخر في وضع الأجوبة


    B. When we talk about a specific time, what is used. Another way to ask the question would be to say, When should we leave for the airport?

    D. The sentence is describing an event that is currently happen; therefore the present tense of to walk should be used.

    B. It is implied the speaker is asking for just one apple because it is singular. Additionally, when the noun begins with a vowel, you must replace a with an.

    A. When referring to an event that will take place in a specific month, in is the appropriate way to express when it will take place.

    C. The speaker is asking the subject (you) about an action that is currently on-going. Do is the correct conjugation of the verb to do.

    B. The sentence is describing an action that has happened in the past. Since there are no other context clues that indicate whether the correct tense is past perfect or simple past, the correct expression can be We have gone to that restaurant before or We went to that restaurant before.

    B. The correct way to express a specific number of months is to use for. That blue house has been for sale for three months.

    A. This sentence is grammatically correct.

    B. Much is used in instances that denote singular connotation; many is used to denote plural connotations.

    A. This sentence is grammatically correct.

    C. The surround context implies exercise is being used as a singular noun, not a verb or plural noun.

    A. That is a complementizer which adds focus to the clause that follows.

    B. A way to prevent is singular, and the verb must match to be grammatically correct.

    B. If two verbs are used in conjunction, the first verb is conjugated and the second is left in the infinitive form.

    C. The sentence implies there is a definitive noun and the should be used.

    C. When is the best way to express a question that refers to an indirect time.

    B. Come is a relative verb that depends on which side of the statement you are on. For example, if the person you are speaking to is already at that location, use come. If the person you are speaking to is not at that location, use go.

    A. It is implied that each barn in one color. The verb must reflect that barns is a plural subject.

    D. The verb must be conjugated for the appropriate subject. Additionally, well should be used instead of good because adverbs (well) modify verbs (works out).

    C. Using the same names in both the subject and object is redundant and confusing. It is best to name the subject(s) specifically and use pronouns for the object.

    B. The contraction isn’t is broken into is not. To correctly change the sentence, not must be dropped.

    D. The opposite of not having time is to have time. Got is not appropriate used on its own.

    A. Won’t is the contraction for will not; You should keep the same tense for the positive statement that is set forth in the negative statement.

    B. It is important to keep the same tense in both the positive and negative statements. Until is used for emphasis and is appropriate for the negative sentence because it sets off the amount of time that will lapse between now and the appointment. It is unnecessary for the positive statement, however.

    C. Were is conjugated for a plural subject in the correct tense, unlike any of the other options.

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