A man lived in the city of BASRA and sold fish. One night, the fish seller met a dwarf in the street. The fish seller liked funny stories and the dwarf knew a lot of good stories. So the fish seller invited him to his house for dinner.
My wife is cooking a big fish tonight, he said,
"Come and eat it with us"
The dwarf was hungry and the fish was good. The fish seller's wife gave him more and more food. You are only a little man, she said, "You have to eat a lot of food. Then will be big.
Her husband laughed and hit the dwarf on the back. He did this in a friendly way, but the dwarf had a lot of food in his mouth. A large piece of fish went down the wrong way inside him.
The dwarf felt very ill. He could not speak and his face turned first red, then blue. He fell onto the floor and did not move. The fish seller was afraid.
The dwarf is dead, he thought. I do not want a dead man in my house. It was an accident, but there will be question. The people will take me to the judge. What will the judge say? what will happen to me ?
Let's get the dwarf out of our house, said his wife.
The fish sell thought. Then he carried the dwarf outside…
What do you think happened to the dwarf? Finish the story about the Dwarf of Basra.