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    May 2013

    Important مجموعة فيديوهات/دورة لتحضير IELTS

    السلام عليكم
    تجدون رفقته سلسلة من الفيديوهات لتحضير IELTS
    learn english intermediate level 1.jpg Learn english intermediate level 2.jpg learn english intermediate level 3.jpg

    IELTS preparation :

    Episode One: IELTS Assessment Criteria
    In this episode we look at some of the features that will be assessed in [COLOR=#009900 !important]the writing[/COLOR] and speaking modules.
    Episode Two: Writing Task Response
    In this episode we'll look at the writing task in [COLOR=#009900 !important]the essay[/COLOR] section of both the academic and general[COLOR=#009900 !important]IELTS tests[/COLOR].
    Episode Three: Coherence and Cohesion in Writing
    In this episode we'll look at [COLOR=#009900 !important]writing an essay[/COLOR] and how to organise your ideas in a paragraph.
    Episode Four: Sentence Types
    This episode looks at sentence types and how to use them to demonstrate grammatical range and accuracy.
    Episode Five: Vocabulary Range
    This episode looks at strategies for meeting the vocabulary criteria used to assess IELTS candidates.
    Episode Six: Question Tasks and Topics
    In this episode we'll look at question tasks and topics in the essay section of the IELTS test
    Episode Seven: The Speaking Test
    In this episode we'll look at the IELTS Speaking Test and watch how some candidates answer the questions.
    Episode Eight: Speaking Fluently
    Fluency is one of the skills assessed in the IELTS Speaking Test. This episode defines fluency and how to achieve it.
    Episode Nine: Speaking Coherently
    Today we'll look at some of the language devices you can use when discussing a topic.
    Episode Ten: Vocabulary for Speaking
    Today we'll look at how to make best use of your vocabulary and say what you mean in the IELTS Speaking Test.
    Episode Eleven: Grammatical Range in the Speaking Test
    Today we'll review the language used when you compare and contrast - something you'll need for the IELTS Speaking Test.
    Episode Twelve: Intonation
    Intonation is a feature of pronunciation, one of the criteria assessed in the IELTS Speaking Test.
    Episode Thirteen: Reading Skills and Question Types
    In this episode we'll practise some of the skills required for the Reading Section of the IELTS Test.
    Episode Fourteen: General Training Reading
    We [COLOR=#009900 !important]take a look[/COLOR] at the Reading Section of the General Training Test and words related to looking for work.
    Episode Fifteen: Listening for Signpost Words
    What are signpost words and why do you need to listen to them?
    Episode Sixteen: Listening for Numbers
    Knowing how to correctly express numbers will give you an edge in the IELTS Listening Test.
    Episode Seventeen: Talking about Festivals and Celebrations
    Festivals and Celebrations are good topics to practise for the IELTS Test.
    Episode Eighteen: Labelling and Describing an Object
    It's useful to know the language for labelling and describing an object.
    Episode Nineteen: Labelling a Flow Chart
    Learn how to listen for [COLOR=#009900 !important]the answers[/COLOR] to complete a flow chart and/or describe a process.
    Episode Twenty: Giving Examples
    Expanding on an idea and giving examples are important language functions you need to demonstrate.
    Episode Twenty One: Talking about the Family
    The family is a common topic in IELTS, especially in [COLOR=#009900 !important]Part 1[/COLOR] of the Speaking Test.
    Episode Twenty Two: Talking about Holidays and Leisure Time
    Being able to discuss holidays and what people do in their leisure time is useful for IELTS.
    Episode Twenty Three: Talking about Food
    The topic of food often comes up in the IELTS Speaking Test.
    Episode Twenty Four: Word Formation
    A useful skill in all aspects of English is knowing how prefixes and suffixes form new words.
    Episode Twenty Five: Grammar Checklist
    In this episode we'll look at some aspects of grammar and [COLOR=#009900 !important]spelling[/COLOR] that often cause problems.
    Episode Twenty Six: Giving Advice
    In this episode we advise you to study the language used when giving advice.

    بالتوفيق و الله المستعان

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    Apr 2013


    ألف شكر ...........................

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    Nov 2014


    thank you so much

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    Jul 2015
    United Arab Emirates

    افتراضي شكر و تقدير

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    ~. κεnραиςнίη Cαηςσzа .~ الصورة الرمزية XEROX
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    Dec 2009


    thank you Maryam
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