newpolyglot)Midnight by: Saud Abdul Aziz Al Mansour)
In the middle of the night, Tony was looking towards Lee while he was shaving his arm. He said: ‘’I see”. Louis looked at him in depression “what are you doing here?”. Louis said as he was pointing at him. “I’m spying on Lee” Tony said as he was lying on the ground. “You are pathetic!” Louis said as he shouted at him: “you were spying on your sister all the time wasting my time, and now you are spying on Lee! Why? Do you like his white hair?”. “It’s not your business” Tony said and to cut a long conversation they got into a fight, and suddenly, the elderly man showed up. “I see X too” The elderly man said. “Who the hell are you, ha?”, Louis said as he was pointing at him.

Of course this did not surprise the elderly man. He knew that this would probably be his reaction to an eldery poor strange man who has struggled a lot to find a home for himself. Then, the elderly man said “it was a horrrible day to me, don't make it worse. Once upon a time I …” suddenly, there was a strong storm and their conversation was lost in the wind. Tony said later on, after his voice became clear again: “ That's what is X about”. The elderly man fainted into Louis’s arms. Louis carried him like a baby and said “what a poor guy”. Tony said “throw him into the floor”. Louis said “yes master”. A few days later, Tony and Louis were spying together on Lee near his house watching from the window. Tony thought: “ I know he is hiding something”. Louis thought, “why am I wasting my time here. Why?” Later, Lee got out of his house looking for someone to meet. He was calling on the phone and said “where are you?” Tony didn't realize that Lee was talking to someone on the phone. He was frightened and his face went pale. On the other hand, Louis knew what was going on and he was laughing at Tony.

Later on, the elderly man woke up. He tried to get up, and a hand took his arm to help him. He looked at him. It was Lee. He said “How can I help you?” The elderly man said: “thanks”. Then, Lee disappeared. The elderly man walked across the street. It started to snow. On the other side of the street, there were Tony and Louis. They were walking until they reached their home. There was a noisy sound coming from their house. When Tony opened the door with his key, he saw a woman with yellow hair playing Minecraft on his computer. Tony was shocked. The woman didn't notice them because she was screaming while she was playing. Tony said “who are you?” She then ran out of the back door of the house in no time. Tony shut down the computer then lied on the couch and Louis lied in his bed. They then both fell asleep. Tony likes sleeping on the couch for some reason.
However, Tony and Louis left the back door open. It was in the middle of the night. In the meantime, in the other place, Ana was playing Minecraft on the computer she shared with her sister. Her sister was waiting for her to finish. Her name was Nina. She was that woman with yellow hair who escaped from Tony's house. In the next morning, the two sisters started to fight with each other in the garden. “Stop it!” a voice said behind them. It was Jen. “The two sisters fighting with each other as usual. What a shame!” Three days before, Jen was having a fight with his brother. Both of them were running blood. His brother was kasoia. Back to the present, Nina and Ana continued fighting. At the same time, Lars was washing dishes in Mashima's home. He never complained about his work. He was satisfied. He was singing the song that he sang so often. “Am I evil? Yes I am.” However, someone was in the same room and he heard him whistling and singing to himself. After that, no one knew what happened to Lars. Lars is now a dead man. Was he a true man? Some people say that he didn't die because of his bad singing. He died because the author wanted him to die, but other people say that be didn't find love, so he committed suicide. This is the end of the midnight story; more stories will be written soon!