Sharjah Waterfront City AJMAL MAKAN

Sharjah Waterfront City, built on the belief that the outside is as important as the inside is nestled amidst lush greenery. The city will be pollution free with world class facilities for elite living.

With its beautiful beaches, moderate year long weather, leisure and shopping opportunities, Sharjah Waterfront City presents itself as a complete and attractive holiday destination for European and GCC families.

Sharjah Waterfront City is designed to ensure the maximum comfort for the families, provided them privacy while enjoying the scenic beach view of the Sharjah Waterfront City view outside the villas and the apartments with beach, open spaces and greenery spread all around will be breathtaking.

Sharjah Waterfront City

is environment friendly and is based on hydro mechanic design, the project allows a natural dynamic movement of the sea water within its canals. The water is replenished every 12 hours depending on the sea tides movement, while the water canals dimensions that reaches up to 300 meters and depth of 5 meters guaranties the smooth natural water movement, which will provide the project with a distinctive waterfront with natural beauty. The project has 36 km of beautiful beaches, the green gardens the beaches and service areas make up 60% of the project area while buildings make up 40% only, which ensures the idea of building a healthy green society that respects nature and interacts with it positively.

Sharjah Waterfront City will follow the international standards of green environment by building green buildings, which reduces energy use and reduces the overall carbon footprint of the project which will reflect in the comfort and benefit of the residents.

Location Advantage

SWFCITY is located in proximity from Hamriyah Free Zone, airport and other key attractions. Sharjah Waterfront City is easily accessible from the Ittihad Road, Emirates Bin Road and Mohammed Zayed Road.

تملك في مشروع «(فلل البحر) مدينة الشارقة للواجهات المائية»

مشروع( فلل البحر ) «أجمل مكان»على الساحل الشمالي لإمارة الشارقة، ثالث أكبر مشروع في مجال التطوير العقاري والسياحي متعدد الاستخدامات في منطقة الخليج. تبلغ استثمارات المشروع الذي تم الإعلان عنه خلال معرض سيتي سكيب جلوبال في سبتمبر الماضي، 20 مليار درهم (5.4 مليار دولار) وتقوم بتطويره شركة «واحة الشارقة»العقارية، وهو يعد أكبر مشروعات الشارقة للتطوير العقاري والسياحي متعدد الاستخدامات حتى الآن. ويقام المشروع على 10 جزر على مساحة 60 قدم مربع بامتداد 36 كيلو متر من الواجهة المائية.

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