O (magic) is a representation of spoken language letter words. Spoken language is not a written representation. This is a fairly rapid change in a way pronunciation and accents so that any dictionary or book written and easy, but mostly in English between the historical leading cause some spoken when it is (pronunciation), and in many cases just is not there, the English "hard" for many years (spelling ) is written. Therefore, all the English spelling usually in mantؤ±ksؤ±zdؤ±r.aإںaؤںؤ± rules will help you decipher the secrets of English spelling. However, the best rule this case, for example, I remember.

تحميل فيس بوك ماسنجر
ER / EST Add

Or, we shape and short adjectives to compare a rule, -estr-Add.

Write a rule

Just for example, I attribute to the end, we will add or butyrate-er.

> Quick Quick> fast
Great> more> more
Full> full> max


Additional -ing / ED

In many cases, we, for example, to other forms of the verb, you need to add ed-ing or verb.
John arrived, I was talking about.

Write a rule

But at the end of the main verb, or I'll add ed-ing.

Jobs> jobs> processing,
> Games> Play to play
Open> Open []> Open []


additional -ly

Quick -ly usually> adjective, for example, we add flashing envelope.

Write a rule

But I will add the title to the end of -ly.

Timidly COY>
Strong> Number of voice
Fine> Fine
Meaningless> stupid
Smart> Smart


additional -s

though two reasons, the number of addition:

Make a name plural (men> size)
To create a third-person singular simple present (I work> jobs> work)

Write a rule

Just for example, I add the word -s will end.

Dogs> Dog
Request> Request


You can do it -Able ~

~ Adjective ending many words as possible. In some cases, it is difficult to remember the user writing.

Finish may be - is a word of Latin origin. ~ About 180 end up to be able to have a word. No, it may be a new word is created using endings ~. These examples illustrate the most common.

This last is an adjective.

For example, a few words in Latin and reliable
For example, non-Latin: Renewable friendly, washable
New word (modern), for example, the network of windsurfabl

The golden rule

These rules will help you decide the correct spelling. One (but not all!) And most of the time it works. If you do not know the words, it would be better to use the dictionary, do not forget. This is the rule.

If you delete the words adjective, what is left is a complete word.
~ If possible you want to delete the words all words (above, your implied peptic despicable, flexibility can be accessed by exceptions to this rule, one notes) has not been left behind.

Hand or -ie-

There ESI language and whether it is sometimes difficult to remember the words -ie-. There is a simple rule on this issue:

I e first
Except after C

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

1 large E is as follows: the "life" sound rhymes with time.

Beige, feint, freight, soothing, neighbor, sleigh, vascular, weight, weight
Where 2 is as follows: Some general is no exception.

Or, caffeine, codeine, fake, foreign, seizure, height, leisure, protein, yours, strange, grab, and seizures